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Welcome to SharePoint 2010 Site Styles

Now that themes in SharePoint 2010 have been reworked to only allow you to modify essentially 12 colors and 2 fonts... what do the designers and developers do that need more flexibility? What happened to the ability to deploy custom CSS? Well, you can still do it if you enable publishing or roll your own Control Template but why do that when SharePoint 2010 Site Styles does the work for you! SharePoint 2010 Site Styles provide a way to centrally manage and apply CSS and images to publishing and non-publishing sites with a SharePoint 2010 environment.

Release announcement blog post

Documentation has been updated

What does it do?

  • Allows designers, developers, administrators to deploy CSS customizations in an centrally managed, enterprise ready format
  • Brings the power of SharePoint 2007 themes to SharePoint 2010
  • Deploy custom CSS without enabling Publishing
  • Ability to determine which site styles should support theming and which should not
  • Respects all standard SharePoint security (Designer access required to change site styles)
  • Does not elevate security (SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivledges), all changes are completed under user context


Application CP.SharePoint.SiteStyles Release 1.1

Release Notes

Release 1.1 Fixed a packaging bug causing missing files. Tested with additional language an added notes to the release page.
Release 1.0 Initial release.

What does it look like?

Site Styles managable globally from
within Central Administration.

Administrators manage available styles through
a SharePoint list within Central Administration.
The list item form when a new style is added
to the site styles list.
The site settings page includes a new link
above Site theme called "Site style".

The site style management page located within each
SharePoint site. Displays the global list of available
styles from Central Administration.

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