Site Style CSS not getting applied

Oct 18, 2011 at 1:47 PM

Hi, This tool is a gread work. I am looking forward to this functionality to work with a great hope.

I have deplyoed the solution, added the item (custom css file) in Central Admin list and applied the custom Site Style on one of the site according to the steps provided.

But the site is not aquiring the custom style. I check the source of the pages, i dont find any link to the custom CSS I applied. I think I have not missed any step, but there need to be done something additional to get the css applied. In the custom css, I have overriden some OOB styles and it also has some custom styles. I have a custom master page to be used. This one is a new SP 2010 development machine. Is there anything relates to permissions or any other configuration? Or anything to be done in master apge ? 

Can you please suggest something? let me knoe if i need to provide additional information.

Thanks in advance.





Oct 19, 2011 at 3:32 PM

Hey Mahavir,

Sounds like you need to make sure that the AdditionalPageHead content place holder is in your masterpage. The Site Style utility embeds your CSS files into this placeholder after you activate the site collection level feature. Try it with the default masterpage and see if it’s working, if so you can narrow your search down to your masterpage. If it’s not working with the default masterpage perhaps we can look elsewhere.